Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
— H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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Colonial Club serves the needs of aging adults in several communities in Northeast Dane County. The philanthropic aims of donors who wish to aide the efforts of Colonial Club can be for current operations and/or for the future.

Contributions made to Colonial Club are either endowed to provide long-term support or given as direct support to the operations of the club. Donors can designate funds for specific purposes. These are referred to as restricted funds. As a non-profit organization all contributions are tax deductible.


Support The Colonial Club

Colonial Club also offers donors the opportunity to make contributions towards a permanent legacy in the community when given to The Legacy Fund, Colonial Club's long term reserve fund.

Regardless of the size or form of a gift to Colonial Club, it is appreciated by the thousands of seniors living in the communities Colonial Club serves who will benefit from services, programs and activities provided by the club.


The Benefits of Giving


Through the Legacy Fund, an individual, family, company, foundation or charitable organization may create a funding mechanism tailored to their interests.

Tax Benefits

As a non-profit entity, Colonial Club offers the highest level of benefits by your charitable giving.

Community Impact

Colonial Club can help connect donors with projects that have a positive impact on the seniors we serve.


If the original purpose of the funds becomes impossible, incapable of fulfillment, or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community, Colonial Club's Board of Directors has the legal authority to redirect the funds to the most closely related use assuring donors that their original intent will be honored despite changing circumstances.


An independent audit is performed annually. A volunteer Board of Directors sets policy, monitors investments and approves the use of all funds.



How to Give

Gifts can be made to Colonial Club Legacy Fund in honor of a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or memorial.

Colonial Club also receives a portion of its principal from bequests to the Legacy Fund by people who wish to continue their support of the organization. The Fund can be an effective part of a donor's estate planning. Different options available are:

Charitable Gift Annuities

During your lifetime you receive income from your gift and after your death the remaining portion of your gift becomes a permanent part of the Legacy Fund supporting the charitable purposes you care about.

Life Insurance Policies

Some donors may decide to donate by assigning a life insurance policy to the Colonial Club. Donors may secure or transfer a policy and name Colonial Club as owner and beneficiary. The premiums are tax deductible and upon death the monies will support the charitable purposes you have identified.

Charitable Remainder Trust

By transferring property of some sort to a Charitable Remainder Trust, the trust provides you or another beneficiary a fixed or variable income for life or a fixed amount of time. When the trust expires, the remainder is used to establish a permanent fund again in the name you have chosen and for the charitable purpose you have identified.

Retirement Plan Assets

By naming Colonial Club as the beneficiary of all or part of the balance of a pension or retirement fund, you remove that asset from your estate. Through the Colonial Club you may distribute your retirement plan after death in a way that is tax-wise for your family and that creates a fund at Colonial Club that will benefit the community.