Senior Advisory Council



The Advisory Council is to provide a means for the participants to be involved in governing the Colonial Club.

To actively seek ideas and comments from members to better meet the needs of seniors.

To meet with the Executive Director and Staff to discuss programs and issues brought before the Advisory Council.

To inform the Board of Directors regarding issues, and member concerns brought before the Advisory Council.

It is the Advisory Council's responsibility to inform seniors and participants of what the Advisory Council is doing.

The Council membership is made up of representatives from the following:

Senior committees and activity groups

Senior residences

Senior members at large

Officers of the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council shall maintain a list of its members and the groups they represent. Changes to the list shall be approved by a motion of the Council. Representatives must be approved by the groups they represent prior to consideration by the Council.

Term Limits

For all members, three years, staggered.

The Advisory Council shall include the Executive Director and management staff appointed by the Executive Director (non-voting members).