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Celebrating 50 Years

of enhancing the well-being and independence of older adults.


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We're always striving to offer something that appeals to anyone who walks through our doors.


Adult Day Care

Concerned about leaving a loved one alone, but not ready for nursing home care? The Adult Day Center is a cost effective, community-based alternative for families needing health care monitoring, personal care, social, and recreational activities for their family member.



Creamy casseroles, comforting soups or roasted chicken, the Colonial Club kitchen whips up tasty meals each day.


Case Management

Just when we thought we knew all the answers, we face old age and retirement and realize that there are just as many questions now, as there was when we were younger. That's precisely why the Colonial Club has invested in a Case Management Program.

The Case Managers are often the individuals with the answers. And if they are not the direct source of the answer, they know where to find it. Aging itself is hard enough at times, but navigating your way through the bureaucracy of local, state and federal programs can be a nightmare.


Supportive Home Care

As the old song lyrics go, "I get by with a little help from my friends." The Colonial Club's Supportive Home Care Program provides a little help to older adults who want to remain in their home, yet need some help on occasion.