Concerned about leaving a loved one alone, but not ready for nursing home care?

The Adult Day Center is a cost effective, community-based alternative for families needing health care monitoring, personal care, social, and recreational activities for their family member.

Often times, the children of older adults in our community live miles away from Mom and Dad. They come home for a holiday and notice Mom or Dad are having minor, but concerning problems. Maybe it is difficulty moving about or maybe troubling signs of forgetfulness.

Whatever the case may be, as caregivers to our parents, we want to be sure they are safe and secure when we're not around. We hear this story time and time again and as a result, have created a solution that brings comfort to the family, prevents pre-mature nursing home placement and provides excellent care to older adults through our Adult Day Center.

Adult Day Center participants can choose from a wide variety of extended services as well as how often they attend.



The Adult Day Center has been operating since 1978. Over the years we have found that the older adults who need help with self-care or require some supervision thrive in this program. The social interaction provides therapeutic benefits that are immeasurable.

This program also greatly benefits the caregivers of the older adults. Spouses, family members and friends who have been providing day-to-day care find the Adult Day Center allows them personal time to complete daily tasks, continue their work schedules, attend school or simply take a respite from care-giving.

Caregivers receive peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for in a safe, home-like and caring environment.

The Adult Day Center is a combined endeavor of Colonial Club Senior Activity Center, Dane County Department of Human Services, and United Way of Dane County.

Fees are determined by how often the participant attends, what other services they require and what programs they might qualify for. Scholarships are offered for low-income persons (proof of income is required).

Currently the program is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

For more information or for a consult call 608-837-4611 or email us by clicking the button below.

How It Works

Each new participant receives an individualized assessment with input from the participant, their physician, the family, and our Adult Day Center staff. Each new participant will receive a service plan individually designed for them to meet their unique set of needs.

Who We Can Help

We recognize that each person who comes to the Adult Day Center comes with their own set of concerns and needs. Our center is designed to serve adults who are physically impaired or mentally confused and may require supervision, increased social opportunities, assistance with personal care or other daily living activities.

The Adult Day Center is available to residents of Sun Prairie and the surrounding communities.

What We Can Provide

Each and every day we provide a variety of activities and programs, as well as nutritious, well-balanced snacks and meals for our participants. In addition, we can also provide the following services:


With a staff of caring aides and a walk-in bathtub, provided by the Lions Club of Sun Prairie, we can offer participants bathing services from qualified, trained professionals.


With multiple vehicles and a team of kind and courteous drivers, we can transport your loved ones to and from the Adult Day Center as needed. We provide door through door service and have specialized vehicles to transport someone via a wheelchair also.

Supportive Home Care

Another high quality program provided by the Colonial Club, we can send an aide into the participant's home and help with a number of chores. (See more details at Supportive Home Care)

Case Management

The Case Management team at the Colonial Club is a vital link for older adults. No matter what the problem may be, our case managers can help resolve issues by working together and finding the appropriate resources. (See more details at Case Management)

Foot care

Good foot care is important as we age. Two times a month a registered nurse specializing in foot care provides a foot assessment, a screening for neurological, circulatory, skin and functional factors that can affect the health of their feet, toenails trimmed (including thickened toenails), corns or calluses smoothed down, cushioning of corns and hammer toes, relaxing foot soak in warm water and foot massage to end the session and send client home happy and relaxed.