Bob Power, Executive Director

Bob Power, Executive Director

Happy June!

While the spring has been rather cool and wet, the sunshine-y days make it all worthwhile.  We hope that is the case for Saturday, June 15th, and the 32nd annual StrawberryFest.  Make sure we are on your calendar for that most important fundraiser of the year!

Each year at this time, we are happy to announce our Volunteer Award winners.  At our annual meeting on May 23rd, the following awards were given:

Ally of the Year – Dane County Area Agency on Aging Legislative/Advocacy Committee

Business Leadership – Hyland

Community Partner – AARP Tax Service

Office Volunteer – Jeani Gabor

Power of One – Paul Esser

Programs Volunteer – Sue Luhm

Services Volunteer – Mike Caliva & Don Minter

Special Events Partnership – Zimbrick Chevrolet

Special Events Volunteer – Deloma Cotter

Special Volunteer Achievement – Pastor Richard Dowlings

Chorus, Chimes & Band Upbeat Award – Ruth Ann Waldsmith

Unsung Hero – Earle Smith

These outstanding individuals are just a part of what makes the Colonial Club run.  They are joined by hundreds of other individuals and organizations who give of their time and talent in an effort to ensure we meet our mission.  To these fine folks and all our volunteers, we offer a very special:

THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!