Bob Power, Executive Director

Bob Power, Executive Director

September Greetings!


With another September, we find ourselves in another National Senior Center month.  The National Coalition of the Aging proclaims each September that we should acknowledge all the good that is done at senior centers across the country.


At the same time here in Wisconsin, we have recently received some not-so-good news about older adults.  And that is that one in ten older adults in Wisconsin do not have enough income to eat, pay for medical expenses, or afford medications. This means 86,988 older adults are living with “heat or eat” and “prescriptions or rent” decisions being made each day. The reasons behind this are multi-faceted and if you want all the details, we have copies of the information released by Wisconsin Institute for Research on Poverty and shared by our friends at the Dane County Area Agency on Aging. 


That is why your support of the Colonial Club is so important.  For those seniors facing this poverty struggle, the services we offer can make a powerful impact.  It is hard to believe that in this day and age of immense wealth and prosperity that there are families who struggle daily right here in our little community.  If not for the federal Older Americans Act, (which provides some financial assistance) we could not provide a healthy, nutritious meal every week day for older adults throughout Northeast Dane County.  This past winter when we had record-setting cold and snow, it was the Colonial Club volunteers and staff working on the weekend to ensure home-bound residents had food during that dangerous, life-threatening weather. 


I could go on and on about all the good that is done here, but I’d prefer to tell you in person.  Please stop by and visit with me, one of our staff members or one of the older adults who come to the Colonial Club often.  We do have a great story to tell and we’re anxious to share it.